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Indiana Gasification Air Permit Extended

Indiana Gasification asked for, and received, an extension from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management on their Air Permit.  The permit has been extended until June 27, 2014.  Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation congratulates Indiana Gasification for another step forward!

To clean up coal, Obama pushes more oil production

22 News, ~ Sunday, December 22, 2013

by Dina Cappiello, Associated Press

DE KALB, Miss. (AP) — America's newest and cleanest coal-fired power plant comes with a catch: The heat-trapping carbon dioxide removed from its smokestack pollution will help force more oil out of the ground.

Some environmentalists complain that it ends up releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than is stored underground as waste.

Supreme Court Victory for Indiana Gasification

December 17, 2013

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of Indiana Gasification on Tuesday, December 17, 2013.

See the Supreme Court ruling here.

Ohio Valley Resources MOU Press Release

Doug Wilson’s success with the 1.2 Billion Dollar Ohio Valley Resources  company is a textbook example of innovative American entrepreneurship at its highest level.  The fulfillment of his vision will improve economic, agricultural and environmental conditions throughout the tri-state region.

Ohio Valley Resources Air Permit Press Release



Ohio Valley Resources’ Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant Project Builds Momentum 

With Receipt of Air Permit and Site Rezoning   

Ohio Valley Resources Air Permit Issued

Congratulations to Ohio Valley Resources!


County rezones 293 acred for Ohio Valley Resources, Inc.

The Spencer County Leader ~ August 13, 2013

By: Dean Bolin

Developers of Ohio Valley Resources Inc.,(OVR), developers of a $1.25 billion fertilizer facility potentially to be built in the Rockport area, took another step to achieving their goal on August 6.

The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved rezoning of 293 acres in Ohio Township — the site chosen for the plant.

Commissioners approved to rezone property for heavy industrial use

The Spencer County Journal-Democrat ~ August 8, 2013

By: Stuart Cassidy

A fertilizer plant proposed by Ohio Valley Resources ebbed closer to becoming a reality.  Based on a recommendation from the county plan commission, commissioners approved to rezone property for heavy industrial use. 

Catalyst group outlines plans at Chamber breakfast

Spencer County Leader ~ Tuesday July 2, 2013

by Dean Bolin

What should Spencer County be like five years from now? Ten years?

A group of residents formed late last year to find answers to those questions.

They call themselves The Catalyst Group and they served as guest speakers at the Spencer County Regional Chamber of Commerce Breakfast meeting held June 27 at AEP Honey Creek Farm.

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